Fun With Ugly Foods

SapientNitro’s summer interns hope to bring light to “ugly” food shaming and put an end to food waste with their fun, interactive web game. The game, Go Get Shelved, educates the player on the world of ugly produce by selecting a (very cute) character and allowing them to choose their own adventure. After naming their food, the player must answer a set of questions about its appearance and nutritional rating – ultimately deciding its fate (to the landfill or grocery store).


Twenty-six percent of fresh produce is thrown away even before hitting grocery store shelves, which is so tragic especially in today’s food economy. Educating consumers by the means of an interactive game allows for an engaging experience – one that will truly be taken to heart. And it has worked, as more and more grocers (like Whole Foods and Sprouts Market) are choosing to sell these misshapen fruits and vegetables.

For more on Go Get Shelved, check out this Ad Week feature. For more on how you can help save ugly produce, check out

Happy eating! -JP



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